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The Beginning
On the 3rd of November 1997, God gave his servant, who is Pastor Hayes Baker, the mandate to go make his people laugh even in the face of impossible difficulties.

God took him to a mighty field and showed him a lined up of different groups of people with different problems and different afflictions, some hungry, some homeless with no home to go to, no people to go to, and nobody to call their own, some disappointed with hopelessness as their second name, some barren, some poverty stricken with no hope for tomorrow, some terribly sick with all manner of sicknesses and diseases and some crying non-stop.

Hayes Baker started crying with them and God dropped a white paper in his hand, in that white paper was written the scripture Isaiah 19: 19 & 20 and God said to Hayes Baker “See this people terribly afflicted by the devil, I am sending you to them as a sign and as a living witness of my mighty works, join hands with them in their afflictions and I will make them laugh.

Thank God that ever since then, it has been a compendium of Christian testimonies.
The dead has been raised.
The blind see.
The deaf ear hears.
The lame walks
Madness has given way to mental soundness.
The once called poor now have food enough to share.
Broken marriages restored back with laughter.
And what more? Many really have been laughing. Please join us in this city of laughter
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