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Someone Cares
Dear Friend, when truth is imbibed, breakthrough in every area of life is inevitable.
The truth is that every transformation in life is a product of renewed mind. And every beauty in life is a product of thought. The richest men in the world and the greatest men in town all have the same brain colour with you. It’s how much you put your own to work that makes the difference.
Success is not a native of any village, success in life is not a calling, it’s not a gift but a discovery; so put your brain to work Beloveth, don’t just sleep. Sleepers are wasters and dreamers are possessors. Don’t waste away in idle jesty. And don’t live a life of excuses why you have not succeeded. Excuses have no explanation in scriptures; they are the nails of building the house of failure. You have a great future, a destiny of colour. Don’t wait for anybody to do it for you because no one can do it better than you- you are just you in a unique way, and Stop feeling sorry for yourself friend, self pity is a killer disease, it’s a 21st century plague, and it eats faster than cancer. Beloveth you are not inferior, you are not second hand or fairly used, you are not “help me select”. You are not an accident looking for where to happen. You are special, an original not photocopy

There is nobody that has the same face like you on earth. God recognize you, and He made you so, so that nobody can contest your destiny. There are many stars in heaven and all of them shine and no one star stops the other from shining – so I’m glad to let you know that you will surely shine no matter how tough and hazy it might look today. In Isaiah 60:1 the bible says – Arise and shine for your light has come, you are fearfully and wonderfully made, a star destined to shine. And that is why I love you so much and JESUS LOVES YOU much more. I am really glad to inform you that God cares about you and I do too.

If this message has been a blessing to you don’t forget to share your testimony with me afterwards.

I am still in His Hands,

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