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Escape from Hell
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The youth yearly ESCAPE FROM HELL meeting of Pastor Hayes and Sharon Baker has sent many boys and girls, school drop-out back to school, it has given many youths' life meaning, saved a whole lot of youth from peer pressure.
Hayes and Sharon have been used of God to save and rehabilitate many youths from drug abuse- crack, cannabis, alcohol, illicit sex and unwanted pregnancy.

Look at this: Brother Segun Akintade, a young dynamic youth, a graduate of Accountancy from the Ogun state university, his destiny was torn apart with drug addiction. Oh! The devil made a mess of his life. His mother brought him to the youth convention, ESCAPE FROM HELL where he encounter the loving kindness of Jesus through the man of God, Who is Pastor Hayes Baker, and the chain of drug addiction was broken completely in his life. Today Segun is doing very well for the Lord. For him it really was an escape from hell.

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