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Pastor Hayes Baker

Who is Pastor Hayes Baker?
Who is Pastor Hayes Baker?He is the founder and senior pastor of LIVING WITNESS WORLD OUTREACH (A.K.A LIVING WITNESS WORLD OUTREACH CHRISTIAN CENTRE) and the president of Hayes Baker Ministries.
His birth was entirely a miracle that brought unprecedented fervour to Christendom. Since personally experiencing God’s miraculous healing in 1990, Hayes Baker has devoted his life to helping people experience the deepest meaning of God’s love through God’s word that God wants them healed, and God wants them blessed, that with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Those who know him minister and saw him minister call him MR. POSSIBILITY. Since Hayes and his wife Sharon were commissioned into full time ministry, he became a voice and an influence for God too powerful to ignore a courageous innovator even in the midst of a thick fog.


He is a Holy Ghost revival preacher with charisma. A histo- scientific analyst. He speaks in churches, schools, meetings, and conventions e.t.c.
His quarterly programme the “FEAST OF LAUGHTER” a healing meeting has been a blessing to many. Many truly have been laughing over every harassment of the devil. Now it’s your turn to laugh
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