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A visit to our Prayer Altar every Thursday morning at 10.00am is an eye sore. It’s truly a healing school with diversities of miracles. Look at these

Healed from satanic and demonic afflictions
Mrs. Chinyere Parkers, a housewife and trader for years has been suffering satanic and demonic afflictions without any cure. Sister Chinyere testify to the glory of God of how she had been everywhere seeking help without solution, until she came to the Prayer Altar where she experience the mighty power of God as the man of God minister to her. The devil left her instantly, today to the glory of God she is healed, hale and hearty.

Mrs. Chinyere Parkers
Delivered from impending death
Cynthia Adaugo a primary one pupil’s life was snatched by the devil of sickness and death. But the parents were spiritually smart enough to have rush her to the Prayer Altar. It took the man of God Who is Pastor Hayes Baker? over two hours to bring her back to life. To the glory of God and the shame of the devil today, Cynthia is alive and back to school.

Cynthia Adaugo
Healed from recurrent sinus
Sister Victory Echem’s testimony was alarming; she was terribly afflicted by reason of a recurrent sinus that she couldn’t walk but the timely visit to the Prayer Altar set her free from this deadly sickness that snatch life out of people within seconds, today Sister Victory is a chorister ministering to the body of Christ without choking or seizure of strength, like Sister Yetunde Oguntunase who was also brought to the Prayer Altar but with double jeopardy - convulsing and stammering and God set this young woman free from the grip of the devil. Today she is one of the greatest song stress in our ministry. In Pastor Baker’s aspersion every time he sees Sister Yetunde ministering without stuttering he shed tears of joy because this can only be God.

Sister Victory Echem
Partial Paralysis
Bro. Isaac Abdul’s case is more sympathetic. He woke up one morning to discover that he could not make use of his right hand and leg, i.e. partial paralysis, He came to the Prayer Altar half dead half alive. When the man of God Who is Pastor Hayes Baker? saw him he was gripped with compassion and instantly commanded the devil of stroke to leave. Bro Isaac regained the use of his hand and leg to the glory of God and the shame of the devil. Today he is a happy man.

Bro. Isaac Abdul
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