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On the fateful night of November 3rd 1997, I wasn’t asleep and I wasn’t awake when I Pastor Hayes Bakerencountered Jesus in an open vision. He told me I was going to go on some days journey with him, and I discovered that I had no choice than to do whatever he says, so that night I left with him.
I am a TV journalist by profession and sometimes in 1989, I fell so seriously sick that I almost died - and I went everywhere for treatment, I didn’t know God neither did I recognize his ability to heal the sick - I went to native doctors, I went to spiritualist seeking for healing and healing I did not get. My health and strength was seriously failing me, I was dying, till my TV producer then Evelyn Preye Wessey came preaching to me and told me of God’s ability to heal and that I will not die but live to show the goodness of God. Which though I believe, but half way just for the respect I had for her as my producer. And she took me to a church, a branch of Church Of God Mission at Agboju Amuwo, a suburb of Lagos where the man of God took me into an inner room and ask me to kneel down and prayed for me - and as he prayed I felt something move from my head to my legs and till today that was the end of that sickness. Until this fateful night of November 3rd 1997 when Jesus began a 14days journey with me - and the first place he took me was straight to that church at Agboju Amuwo, the very spot I was prayed for when I was sick and reminded me of how he healed me of that terrible sickness.
From there, He took me to a mighty field and showed me a lined up of different groups of people with different problems and different afflictions, some hungry, some homeless with no home to go to, no people to go to, and nobody to call their own, some disappointed with hopelessness as their second name, some barren, some poverty stricken with no hope for tomorrow, some terribly sick with all manner of sicknesses and diseases and some crying non stop. I started crying with them and Jesus dropped a white paper in my hand, in that white paper was written the scripture Isaiah 19: 19-20 and He said to me- “See this people terribly afflicted by the devil, I am sending you to them as a sign and as a living witness of my mighty works, join hands with them in their afflictions and I will make them laugh”.



Go make my people laugh through the preaching of the word of possibility even in the face of impossible difficulties- for with me (God) all things are possible.

The Task: - To make my people laugh even in the face if impossible difficulties
The Target: - The world
The Tool: - Through the preaching of the word of possibility that it is possible no
matter the storm
The Time: - He said you shall hear a word and that word came after 14 months.

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